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Wedding Teaser - Animated Short (2020)


This wedding teaser depicts the most important places in the relationship of the bride and groom, like where they first met, first date and where they got engaged while following the journey of an evergreen leaf who seeks a mysterious glow. The video ends with the announcement of the day of the wedding, the first day of Spring.


The 2D animated short main goal was to announce the day of the wedding of Ana José Teixeira and Pedro Barros as a sneak peak for the guests. 



Direction: André Jesus & Camila Reis

Script: Ana José Teixeira & Pedro Barros

Storyboard: André Jesus 

Art Direction: Camila Reis

2D Animation: André Jesus & Camila Reis

Editing: André Jesus 

Sound: "Springtime Again" by Sun Ra

Programs: Adobe Photoshop CC / After Effects

Commissioned by Ana José Teixeira and Pedro Barros

Art Direction

The first steps of the short were to establish the look and feel of the project, as it was requested that the designs of the animation and art were to be also used for invites and other materials for the wedding, as well as the color palette. Information and interests from the bride and groom were also relevant for the decorative elements such as the female and male kiwi flowers and "easter eggs" such as the chevron pattern from Twin Peaks or the cats and chameleon (the couple's pets). 

monograma5 1.png
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